Square Head Wood Screws appear pre-lubricated for you


This accessible little apparatus is just a little metal tube that teeth accept been cut out of in one end. You just accept to attach the extractor into the drill. Afresh what it will do is crop a bulk sample from about the Phillips Wood Screws.

How To screw Into Hardwood

Head chewing or shearing can be a botheration if aggravating to drive screws into hardwood. This is breadth the top of a screw is either bare out (very accepted botheration with Phillips-head screws) so there is no atrium larboard for your screwdriver to accretion acquirement on, or if the arch is torn abroad completely.

The simplest way to abstain these types of occurrences is to pre-drill a pilot aperture into the hardwood, acceptance your screw an easier point of entry. Balk pilot holes accept to be about bisected of your screw's diameter, while softer dupe will alone charge a division (if any).

If you still accept problems already you accept fabricated a pilot aperture and the screws still doesn't wish to go through, afresh you'll charge to use lubrication on your screw. A simple way to do this is to use a little paraffin wax forth the accoutrement (never use grease/oil), although this adeptness be a little time-consuming if you accept a lot of screws to get through.

There are a array of Square Head Wood Screws that you can buy which appear pre-lubricated for your accessibility forth with a bulk engineered accurately for use with balk decking. A bifold countersunk arch will abate the affairs of arch shear, and aboveboard or hexagonal active are bigger ill-fitted to active into acutely aggressive surfaces.

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